SICAL, a company especialized in the design, production and manufacture of transport vehicles has just celebrated its 20th anniversary.During this time the Valencian company, has grown getting to the point of being the most important Spanish manufacturer of swap bodies at present time.

Since the beggining, SICAL has manufactured almost 2000 swap bodies used in the intermodal transport. This type of transport represents an strategic policy supported by the Strategic Plan of Infraestructures and Transport of the European Community. The swap bodies are vehicles able to be carried by rail or road, and used by the automotive industry to transport parts between the different European logistic centers.

In the last years, SICAL, has developed an international policy to open up new markets. Nowadays, SICAL units are present in the most European countries such as Germany, France, U.K. or Holland, and also in the African market. The quality of the SICAL products allows the company to mantain technological collaborating agreements with the most important European manufacturers.

Since SICAL was founded in 1986, the last technology has been incorporated , adapting the company to the market changes and also to the new customers needs. The company has always distinguished to offer solutions acording to the customer needs. This policy is an added value against competitors and has allowed us to increase the number of customers.

At the beggining, SICAL only manufactured bodyworks for the road transport, but in 1993 the company started to develope swap bodies prototypes opening new markets. In 1999, with a tremendous technical effort in order to obtain the neccesary homologations, the firm started producing road chassis.

SICAL facilities (20.000. m2) are located in Valencia (Spain), an strategic and priviledge area for the transport near the Port and the RENFE intermodal consolitation center in Silla.

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